October 15th
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Slatington Trailhead

(89 Main St. Slatington)

Trail Etiquette 101 for Dogs

In partnership with Great Companions of Slatington, bring your four legged friend  of 6 months and up to learn the basic skills that you desire.  There is more to walking with your dog on a multi-purpose trail than you may know!  Learn how to teach your dog to walk nicely on leash and about how to get along with the runners, bicyclists and walkers that are all out to enjoy nature and the trail.


REQUIREMENTS – Dogs need to be social with people and other dogs, and be  comfortable eating food rewards during the training process. 

Northern Lehigh Recreation Authority

125 S. Walnut Street

Slatington, PA 18080


Phone: 484-633-0093

Email: NLRecAuthority@gmail.com