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To Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

Access to our parks, trails and greenspaces matter more than ever for our mental and physical health.  When going outdoors, please follow these tip to keep yourself, others, and our parks, trails and greenspaces safe and healthy.

For Yourself and Others

  • Check First.  Before you head out, check with your park owners and trail stewards on an open/closed access. ack what you need.  Use the restroom at home, as park facilities are closed.

  • Be Considerate.  Wear a mask to protect others, as recommended by state and federal authorities.  Practice physical distancing of six feet or more between individuals.  Be friendly.

  • Avoid Risky Activities.  Avoid activities that put you at greater risk of injury, as available help and rescue services may be limited.

  • Notice Nature.  Be imore attentive to nearby wildlife activities and the emergence of spring than your electronic devices.  Soak up the limited time you have with nature for its fullest benefit.

For Your Place:

  • Avoid Playgrounds.  Play structures cannot be maintained in sterile condition; it is best to avoid them entirely during this time.

  • Avoid Overcrowding.  If a parking lot is full, please go to another lot, or another park or trail.  Making your own parking space damages the landscape.

  • Leave No Trace.  Please carry out everything you take in with you, including dog waste.

  • No Fires & No Smoking.  Springtime is Pennsylvania's riskier wildlife season, and this spring follows a mild winter with less snowfall.


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