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Northern Lehigh Recreation 

Who we are...

A new and exciting multi-municipality partnership has formed

between Washington Township and the Borough of Slatington to

improve and enhance all shared community park and recreation

resources.  This new municipal arm, the Northern Lehigh Recreation Authority (NLRA), will also oversee the completion of the Northern

Lehigh Community Center.  The NLRA looks forward to working

with the existing volunteer groups in the community as well as

 adding programs, events and opportunities throughout Northern Lehigh's expansive park system for all area residents to enjoy.

Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan
 It will only Take two Minutes!


A critical component of the park and recreation planning process is the community needs assessment (CNA). The needs assessment combines community feedback with a technical analysis to determine what services, evets and programs should be coordinated throughout the area to best improve the quality of life and sense of community.  This data collected from this survey will help us determine the best way to:

  • Assess citizen’s parks and recreation needs and interests.​

  • Develop capital improvement plans for parks, trails and recreation facilities.

  • Identify each municipalities immediate and long-range needs for parks, recreation, trails and open space.

  • Analyze park and trail safety and security needs and implement identified risk management practices.

  • Improve signage, site amenities, designs or materials to reduce maintenance needs of park and trail areas.

  • Work with existing community special event providers to enhance and improve the events and prevent date conflicts.

  • Expand promotion and public awareness of park and trail areas, recreation programs and special events regionally.

  • Work with municipal staff and volunteers to properly maintain park and trail areas and recreation facilities to established standards.

  • As a municipal Arm - Work closely with municipal staff, parks and recreation boards and the public to prioritize and accomplish projects throughout the region.

  • Coordinate park and trail development and acquisition projects to serve the region as a whole and work to avoid duplication of facilities, programs and services.

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